Live Results: California Assembly District 17 Special Election

We're tracking one legislative special election this week.

California State Assembly District 17

Democrats hold 57 of 80 seats in the California Assembly. There are 19 Republicans and one independent. Members serve two year terms. The next regularly scheduled elections are in November. Those will be contested under redistricted boundaries.

Three seats are open, all were previously held by Democrats. Vacancies in Districts 62 and 80 held primaries on April 5. Those general elections will be June 7, the same date as the statewide primary.

District 17 is located in San Francisco. The seat became vacant when Democrat David Chiu was sworn in as San Francisco City Attorney in November. 

No Republican has contested this districts since 2016. There were four Democrats on the February 15 primary ballot; none received a majority of the vote. The top two finishers - Matt Haney (36.4% of the vote) and David Campos (35.7%) - were separated by just over 700 votes. Affordable housing is a key issue in the race.

Polls close at 11:00 PM Eastern Time.


No elections (that we cover) next week. May is the third busiest month for statewide primaries on the 2022 calendar.

  • May 3
    • Indiana Primary
    • Ohio Primary
    • Georgia State House District 45 Runoff
    • Michigan State House Districts 15, 36, 43, and 74 Special Elections
  • May 7
    • Lubbock, Texas Mayoral Election
      • Runoff, if necessary, on May 24
    • Texas State House District 147 Special Election
  • May 10
    • Nebraska Primary
    • West Virginia Primary
    • Newark, NJ Mayoral Election
  • May 17
    • Idaho Primary
    • Kentucky Primary
    • North Carolina Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on July 26
    • Oregon Primary
    • Pennsylvania Primary
    • Charlotte and Greensboro, NC Mayoral Primaries
    • Lexington and Louisville, KY Mayoral Primaries
    • Oregon State Senate Senate District 18 Special Primary
    • Pennsylvania State House District 5 Special Election
    • South Carolina State House District 97 Special Election
  • May 24
    • Alabama Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on July 26
    • Arkansas Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on June 21
    • Georgia Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on June 21
    • Texas Primary Runoffs
    • Minnesota Congressional District 1 Special Primary
    • South Carolina State House District 18 Special Election
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