Introducing the 2022 House Interactive Map

The 2022 House Interactive Map is now available. Use it to create and share your own 2022 election forecast.

The interactive map will be updated as states complete the redistricting process and we are able to upload the new district shapes. In some cases, (e.g., Arkansas and Georgia at the moment), new district shapes may be added before they become law if they are all but certain to be enacted (e.g., just waiting on the governor's signature). 

Current House members are assigned to new districts as appropriate. In some cases, redistricting will force two incumbents seeking reelection into the same district. If they are of the same party (e.g., WV-2), the survivor will be determined in the party primary. Alternately, if there is one representative from each party (e.g., NC-11), and both win their respective primaries, they will meet in the general election.

Some states will be gray. Dark gray states, divided by district, can be included in your forecast (i.e., changed to red/blue/toss-up), but were not available to be rated when the map was saved. (For maps that we keep updated - such as those associated with professional analysts - any dark gray states are those that have not yet been rated by the forecaster).

Light gray states do not yet have a redistricted map available; these are not interactive. The counter above the map separates districts in light gray from those in dark. As a result, the light gray total at any given point in time will be the same across all House maps you look at. That number also reflects the number of districts - out of 435 total - that remain to be redistricted.

The current 2022 Consensus House Forecast is below. Click for an interactive version.

Use the drop down list above the map to see all districts, and their numbers, for a selected state.

Use the buttons above the map to toggle between the 'Interactive Map' and the 'Current House'. The current house map reflects the existing district boundaries and incumbents. For representation purposes, these boundaries are in effect until the new Congress takes office in January, 2023. Current maps are available for all states, even those that haven't completed redistricting.

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