Overview and Live Results: New Jersey Primary

June 8, 2021

New Jersey and Virginia are the only states with gubernatorial and legislative1 1Both chambers in New Jersey, state house only in Virginia. elections this year. Both states are holding their primaries Tuesday, June 8. Additionally, there is a special election to fill a vacancy in New Hampshire's state house.

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New Jersey Primary Overview and Results

Polls close at 8:00 PM. Live results below for contested primaries. Legislative races are grouped by chamber and party. For example, all the State Senate Democratic Primaries are together.  Use the drop down to select the district you want to view.


Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is unopposed. The Republican race is a four-way match-up between former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, former Somerset County Commissioner Brian Levine, Pastor Phil Rizzo, and engineer Hirsh Singh. Ciattarelli is seen as the frontrunner, although a recent poll had Singh within six points. Singh is an ardent supporter of former President Trump. This is his 5th bid for public office since 2017. 

Ciattarelli is probably the better general election candidate for Republicans. Either way, Murphy is favored to win a 2nd term in November. The current consensus rating is Likely Democratic. 

State Senate

There are 40 Senate districts in New Jersey. Democrats hold a 25-15 edge, and are expected to maintain control after November's elections. The 2021 elections are for a two-year term.2 2New Jersey has a 2-4-4 system for Senators, where the election that takes place in a redistricting year is for a two-year term. The next two elections are for four-year terms.


The majority leader of the Senate, 86 year old Loretta Weinberg (District 37), is retiring. The two District 37 members of the Assembly, Gordon Johnson and Valerie Huttle, are vying for the nomination. The other 24 incumbents are running, with three of them (Districts 18, 20, 28) facing a primary challenge.


There are contested primaries in Districts 2 and 16, where incumbents are retiring. Also retiring is Thomas Kean Jr. in District 21; Jon Bramnick will be the nominee as the only qualifier. Steve Oroho (District 24) is the only incumbent facing a primary challenge.

General Assembly

The New Jersey State House is called the General Assembly; the more generic term is used in the results tables below. 

There are also 40 Assembly districts in New Jersey, each with the same boundaries as the corresponding State Senate district. However, each district has two assembly members. The Assembly has 52 Democrats and 28 Republicans. Assembly terms are two years. 

As there are two seats in each district, there will be two nominees from each primary.


There are contested primaries in Districts 16, 18, 20, 31 and 37.  One incumbent in District 2, 16, 20 and both in District 37 are running for State Senate. One incumbent withdrew in District 31. 


There are contested primaries in seven districts. One incumbent in Districts 8, 21 and 39 is running for State Senate. The other incumbent in District 8 is retiring. 


June 12

  • Louisiana State Senate District 7 All-Party Special Primary

June 15

  • Georgia State House Districts 34 and 156 Special Elections
  • Wisconsin State Assembly District 37 Special Primary 
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