GOP Holds NY-27 as Chris Jacobs Wins Special Election

June 24, 2020

Republican State Sen. Chris Jacobs won the special election in New York's 27th congressional district Tuesday. The seat has been vacant since last October, when former Rep. Chris Collins resigned, pleading guilty to insider trading charges that same day.

Under indictment at the time of the 2018 midterms, Collins won reelection by less than 0.5% over Democrat Nate McMurray, who was again the party's nominee Tuesday. The special election outcome, with Jacobs up by nearly 40% at the time of this writing, more closely reflects the conservative lean of the district. Donald Trump won here by 25% in 2016.

Jacobs also prevailed in the regularly scheduled Republican primary Tuesday, setting up a rematch in November. McMurray had no Democratic opposition and will get a third opportunity to try and win the seat. 

After Jacobs is seated, Democrats will hold a 233 to 198 advantage over in the U.S. House. An additional seat is held by a Libertarian. Three previously GOP-held seats remain vacant: CA-50, NC-11, TX-4. No special elections are scheduled for any of them. 

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