Primaries (and special election) for August 7, 2018. Choose one for an overview and results:

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Missouri Primaries

Missouri polls close at 7:00 Central Time (8:00 Eastern) Results will be available after that time and will appear below. Reload the page for the latest.

Missouri Senate Primaries

Incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill and the state's Attorney General, Republican Josh Hawley are heavily favored to win their primaries. This will set up a highly competitive general election in a state Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points. 

Missouri House Primaries

All eight members of the Missouri U.S. House delegation are running for reelection and are likely to win. If a strong Democratic wave develops, it is possible that the GOP-held 2nd district, in suburban St. Louis, could become a race to watch. As a result, the Democratic primary in that district should be the most interesting one to watch.

Missouri Ballot Question

We'll also have the results for Proposition A, a ballot initiative to determine the fate of the state's right-to-work law. That bill was signed into law last year, but implementation was blocked via a petition drive that placed it on the ballot. A win by 'yes' means right-to-work will be enacted, while a 'no' vote means right-to-work will not become law.