Primaries (and special election) for August 7, 2018. Choose one for an overview and results:

Kansas Michigan Missouri Ohio 12th District Washington


Kansas Primaries

Kansas polls close at 7:00 PM local time. All but some of the far Western part of the state is in the Central Time Zone. That means the latest polls will close at 9:00 PM Eastern. As the results start coming in, reload this page for the latest.

Kansas Gubernatorial Primaries

Donald Trump has endorsed Secretary of State Kris Kobach over the incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer in the competitive Republican primary. Polling for the race has been close; Trump's endorsement has helped other candidates across the finish line, including Georgia's Secretary of State, Brian Kemp. However, as in Georgia, a win by Kobach here may make the general election more competitive than it would otherwise be in this deep red state. On the Democratic side, State Senator Laura Kelly appears to be the frontrunner.

Kansas House Primaries

An interesting situation in the safely Republican 4th district, where both candidates on the ballot are named Ron Estes. The current incumbent will be shown as Rep. Ron Estes on the ballot, in an attempt to make the distinction. Two of the other three seats in the Kansas U.S. House delegation - the 2nd and 3rd in the Eastern part of the state - look to be competitive this fall.