Crystal Ball 2024 House Ratings

As of September 13, 2023

This table is associated with the following map URL. It categorizes all congressional districts not designated as "safe" in that map as of the time specified below the table.

no 2024 election
no 2024 election
Likely Dem (15)
CA-9 Harder
CA-49 Levin
IL-14 Underwood
KS-3 Davids
MI-3 Scholten
NH-1 Pappas
NH-2 Kuster
NV-1 Titus
NV-3 Lee
NV-4 Horsford
OR-4 Hoyle
OR-6 Salinas
TX-28 Cuellar
TX-34 Gonzalez
VA-7 Spanberger
Leans Dem (14)
AK-AL Peltola
CO-8 Caraveo
CT-5 Hayes
IL-17 Sorensen
IN-1 Mrvan
ME-2 Golden
MI-8 Kildee
MN-2 Craig
NM-2 Vasquez
NY-18 Ryan
OH-1 Landsman
OH-9 Kaptur
PA-17 Deluzio
WA-8 Schrier
Toss-up (20)
AZ-1 Schweikert
CA-13 Duarte
CA-22 Valadao
CA-27 Garcia
CA-47 Porter
MI-7 Slotkin
NC-1 Davis
NC-6 Manning
NC-13 Nickel
NC-14 Jackson
NY-3 Santos
NY-4 D'Esposito
NY-17 Lawler
NY-19 Molinaro
NY-22 Williams
OH-13 Sykes
OR-5 Chavez-DeRemer
PA-7 Wild
PA-8 Cartwright
WA-3 Perez
Leans Rep (10)
AZ-6 Ciscomani
CA-41 Calvert
CA-45 Steel
CO-3 Boebert
IA-3 Nunn
MI-10 James
MT-1 Zinke
NE-2 Bacon
NJ-7 Kean
VA-2 Kiggans
Likely Rep (13)
CA-3 Kiley
CA-40 Kim
FL-13 Luna
FL-27 Salazar
IA-1 Miller-Meeks
IA-2 Hinson
NY-1 LaLota
PA-1 Fitzpatrick
PA-10 Perry
TN-5 Ogles
TX-15 De La Cruz
WI-1 Steil
WI-3 Van Orden

Map Updated: Sep. 17, 2023 at 18:00 UTC (2:00 PM EDT)