2018 Michigan House Election Interactive Map

All US House seats to be contested in 2018

Michigan has 14 congressional districts. There are nine Republicans, four Democrats and one vacancy. The open seat was previously held by John Conyers, Jr., who resigned in late 2017. That safe Democratic seat will be filled by special election on the same day as the midterms, November 6, 2018. Only two seats, MI-08 and MI-11 look to be highly competitive in 2018, although three other Republican-held seats will need to be watched if the Democrats have a very good night.

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District Incumbent Party Since Term Predictions Margin of Victory
Pro Map House(a) President(b)
MI-1 Jack Bergman
2017 1st
14.8% 21.3%
MI-2 Bill Huizenga
2011 4th
30.1% 17.6%
MI-3 Justin Amash
2011 4th
21.9% 9.4%
MI-6 Fred Upton
1987 16th
22.2% 8.4%
MI-7 Tim Walberg
2011 4th
15.0% 17.0%
MI-8 Mike Bishop
2015 2nd
16.9% 6.7%
MI-11 Dave Trott
2015 2nd
12.8% 4.4%
Incumbent not running for re-election in 2018.
MI-4 John Moolenaar
2015 2nd
29.5% 24.8%
MI-5 Daniel Kildee
2013 3rd
26.1% 4.2%
MI-9 Sander Levin
1983 18th
20.5% 7.8%
Incumbent not running for re-election in 2018.
MI-10 Paul Mitchell
2017 1st
30.8% 32.2%
MI-12 Debbie Dingell
2015 2nd
35.1% 26.3%
MI-13 Brenda Jones
2018 1st
61.4% 60.7%
MI-14 Brenda Lawrence
2015 2nd
59.8% 60.9%

(a)Source: Ballotpedia (for margins). The margin is the percentage difference between the top two vote-getters in 2016.
More recent results (i.e., special elections held in 2017-18 for vacancies) are not displayed.
* Race was uncontested | ^Top two vote-getters were from the same party

(b)Source: Daily Kos. The margin is the percentage difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.