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Here are the most recent polls for the 2016 elections for president and Senate. Select any row to view details as well as additional polls and a polling average (where applicable) for that location. Use the links at the bottom of the list to see the full set of state-level 2016 election polls.

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New FiveThirtyEight Governors Forecast

The site's forecast models now cover the Senate, House and this year's 36 gubernatorial contests.

Three Weeks Out: Updating the Battle for Senate Control

Democratic hopes for gaining control of the Senate seem to have narrowed in recent weeks

Uncontested: 42 House Races with no Major Party Opposition

There are 39 seats held by Democrats and 3 by Republicans that will not have a candidate of the other major party on the ballot this November.

House Simulator Update and New Feature

You can now see which seats flipped to the other party in your most recent simulation.

Five Weeks Out: Consensus Forecasts for Senate, House, Governor

Democrats have plenty of opportunities to gain the 23 seats they need for control. While Democrats also have a path in the Senate, that's a much tougher climb.

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