Dixville Notch Votes Kick Off the New Hampshire Primary at Midnight: Live Results

Continuing a tradition that dates to 1960, the residents of Dixville Notch, a small community in the northern part of New Hampshire, will cast the nation's first presidential primary votes at midnight (Eastern Time).

There are six registered voters, four Republicans and two independents, the latter of whom can vote in either party primary. Once all six of the votes are cast, the polling place is allowed to close and report its results. This should happen fairly quickly after midnight.

Results will appear below once available.

*Joe Biden isn't on the Democratic primary ballot; he can receive votes as a write-in.

The communities of Hart's Location and Millsfield, which have participated in midnight voting for some past elections, will not do so this year.

We'll have a more complete overview of the New Hampshire Primary in the morning.

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