Live Results: Minnesota State House Special Primary Election

On Thursday there is a special primary in the Minnesota House of Representatives. That chamber is narrowly divided; Democrats hold 69 seats, Republicans 64. There is one vacancy. Members serve two year terms, the next regular elections are in 2024.

Each district is has a number followed by A or B. The A and B districts do not overlap, but taken together, they match the boundary of the State Senate district with the same number.

Minnesota State House District 52B

This district, located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, was last represented by Democrat Ruth Richardson. She resigned in September. Richardson won her final term by a 62% to 38% margin over Republican Cynthia Lonnquist in 2022.

Lonnquist is back for another try; she is unopposed for the Republican nomination. Four candidates are on the Democratic ballot.

The general special election is scheduled for December 5. Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Upcoming Elections

This list includes elections for the remainder of 2023. Looking ahead? Bookmark the 2024 Presidential Election Calendar

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    • Louisiana General Election (Top-two runoffs, as needed)
  • November 21
    • Utah Congressional District 2 Special
  • November 29
    • Mississippi Runoffs, as needed
  • December 5
    • Florida State House District 118 Special
    • Minnesota State House District 52B Special
    • New Hampshire State House Districts Coos 1 and 6 Special (Primary)
  • December 9
    • Houston Mayoral Runoff
  • December 12
    • Oklahoma State House District 32 Special
    • Oklahoma State Senate District 38 Special (Primary) 
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