Live Results: Louisiana State House District 93 Special Primary

Republicans hold a sizeable 69-33 edge over Democrats in the Louisiana House of Representatives. There are two independents, along with the vacancy in District 93. Members serve four-year terms; the next regularly scheduled elections are in November.

District 93 is based in New Orleans, including the French Quarter. While normally that would be a 'nice to know' factoid, it may have some impact on who wins here. This is the big weekend of Mardi Gras, with parades and other events scheduled through the day. It could be a logistical nightmare for voters who try and cast ballots on Election Day itself. According to a spokesperson for the House Speaker, the date was the only one available that allows time for a runoff before the start of the next legislative session.

Democrat Royce Duplessis resigned in December after winning a special election for State Senate District 5.

As is typically the case in Louisiana, all candidates from all parties appear on a single primary ballot.  If a candidate gets a majority of the vote, they are elected. Otherwise, the top two advance to a general election runoff.

In this case, there are five Democrats and one Republican on the ballot. The general election runoff, if necessary, will be on March 25.

Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

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This Tuesday, February 21, we'll also have results for the very important Wisconsin Supreme Court nonpartisan primary.

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