Live Results: Three Special Elections in the Closely Divided Pennsylvania State House

This Tuesday, we're tracking three special elections in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Democrats appeared to gain control by gaining ten seats in the 2022 elections, giving the party a narrow 102-101 partisan edge. However, all three Pittsburgh-area seats were previously held by Democrats, so the vacancies gave the GOP a temporary 101-99 margin. This complicated organizational efforts when the new House was seated last month.

While it seems somewhat unlikely given the partisan lean of these districts, Republicans can gain control by winning one of these three special elections. 

District 32

Democrat Anthony DeLuca served just under 40 years in the State House before his death in October. He was posthumously reelected with 86% of the vote in November. The nominees are Democrat Joe McAndrew and Republican Clay Walker.

District 34

Democrat Summer Lee was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November. She resigned from the State House in December. The Democratic nominee is Abigail Salisbury. Her GOP opponent is Robert Pagane.

District 35

Democrat Austin Davis was elected as Lieutenant Governor in November. He resigned from the State House in December. The nominees are Democrat Matthew Gergely and Republican Don Nevills.

An additional opening in the State House is expected later this month. Last week, Republican state Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver won a special election to fill the vacancy in State Senate District 27. Schlegel Culver will resign her House District 108 seat before being sworn in. 

Upcoming Special Elections

  • February 18
    • Louisiana State House District 93 (Primary)
  • February 21
    • Virginia U.S. House District 4
    • Kentucky State Senate District 19
    • New Hampshire State House District Strafford 8
    • Wisconsin State Senate District 8 (Primary)
  • February 28
    • Connecticut State House Districts 6, 100, 148
    • Georgia State House District 119 (Runoff)
  • March 7
    • Florida State House District 24 (Primary)
  • March 14
    • Tennessee State House District 86
  • March 21
    • Georgia State House District 75

Upcoming Mayoral Elections

  • February 21
    • Madison, Wisconsin (Primary)
  • February 28
    • Chicago, Illinois (April 4 runoff if necessary)
  • March 7
    • Tampa, Florida (April 25 runoff, if necessary)
  • March 21
    • Jacksonville, Florida (May 16 runoff, if necessary)

We'll also have results for the Wisconsin Supreme Court nonpartisan primary on February 21.

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