Live Results: Tennessee House District 86 Special Primary

Republicans dominate the Tennessee State House, holding 75 of 99 seats. There are 23 Democrats along with one vacancy. Members serve two-year terms, with the next regular elections in November, 2024.

District 86 is in the far western part of the state, including portions of Memphis. Democrat Barbara Cooper died at 93 in October, 2022. She was posthumously reelected in November by a 73% to 27% margin over an independent challenger. Cooper had served in the House since 1996.

Ten candidates are on the Democratic primary ballot to succeed Cooper. This includes Cooper's daughter, Tanya.

The GOP primary ballot is empty as no candidate qualified. No independent candidates qualified either. As a result, the winner of the primary is all but certain to win the March 14 general election. 

The Shelby County Commission is able to make an interim appointment to the seat, so that it will not be vacant until the election is certified. The commission is expected to appoint the winner of the primary on Wednesday.

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

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