Live Results: Georgia State House District 129 Special Primary Election

Tuesday's Special Democratic Primary in Georgia State House District 129 will wrap up the 2022 election calendar (at least for races we follow). 

The November general election for this seat was won posthumously by Democrat Henry Howard, who was running unopposed. Howard, who had served in the State House since 2007, died in October. Note that Howard had been serving as District 124 representative prior to his death; District 129 is the successor created in redistricting.

Interestingly, because no other parties qualified for the regular November election, only Democrats are eligible to win the seat in this special election. There are four on the ballot.  If a candidate gets a majority of the vote, they are elected. Otherwise, the top two finishers will meet in a January 17 runoff.

Polls close at 7:00 PM.


Upcoming Special Elections

Georgia will also kick off the 2023 calendar, with a special election in District 7 on January 3. The long-time Georgia House Speaker, Republican David Ralston, died on November 16.

  • January 3
    • Georgia State House District 7
  • January 10
    • Mississippi State House District 23
    • Virginia State House District 35
    • Virginia State Senate District 7
  • January 31
    • Pennsylvania State Senate District 27
  • February 7
    • Pennsylvania State House Districts 32, 34, 35
  • February 21
    • Virginia U.S. House District 4
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