Laredo Mayoral Runoff Election

On Election Day, there were 17 mayoral elections across the nation's 100 largest cities.1 1Population rankings are based on July 1, 2021 Census Bureau population estimates. They are for the city itself, not the associated metropolitan area.In Laredo, the smallest of those cities, no candidate received a majority of the vote, requiring this runoff.

Rank Population Mayor Term Status
87 256,153 Pete Saenz (I) 2 Term Limited

A ten-person field competed in the nonpartisan (NPA) November 8 election, with four candidates receiving over 15% support. The top two finishers were Mercurio Martinez (22% of the vote) and Victor Trevino (21%). They were separated by just over 300 votes. Martinez is a former City Councilmember, while Trevino was previously the top doctor at the city's health authority.

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

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