Republicans Close to House Control: Uncalled Races Update for November 15

The Latest

  • Democrat Katie Hobbs wins hotly-contested Arizona gubernatorial race
  • Republicans reach 217 House seats; the next call in their favor will give them the majority. 
  • Maine ranked choice tabulation today will determine winner of Congressional District 2. Update: This will be finalized on Wednesday.  Watch Live> 

U.S. House

Republicans have won 217 seats, just one shy of the 218 needed to win control of the House in the next Congress. Democrats have won 205. This includes two seats in California where both candidates on the ballot are Democrats, although the specific winner is not yet known. 

Of the 13 remaining seats to be decided, nine are in California. The others are in Alaska, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon. See the live map here >

Alaska: This is expected to be decided in the Ranked Choice tabulation on November 23.

California: A number of these races will not end up being all that close, but the state's drawn-out process for counting also impacts when these races can be projected with the level of certainty required.

ABC has called District 6 for Democrat Ami Bera.

Colorado: One of the most highly visible contests left on the board, as polarizing GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert seeks a second term.

Maine: The Ranked Choice tabulation will occur today. That result will appear in the first embed below, with the Election Day vote underneath. 

Oregon: District 6 is a new seat created in redistricting. ABC News has called this race for the Democrat Andrea Salinas.

U.S. Senate

Democrats have retained the majority; the party will have 50 or 51 seats in the new Congress. The final total will be determined in a Georgia runoff on December 6. Pennsylvania is the only Senate seat that has flipped thus far. In Alaska, we know a Republican will win, but we won't know which one until November 23

That runoff remains important. As Roll Call notes, "In a 50-50 Senate, operating precedents provide for equal membership on committee rosters, and committee rules generally require a majority vote for issuing of a subpoena without approval of the ranking member. Therefore, with just a one-seat advantage, Democratic committee chairs would yield additional powers."


Only Alaska remains uncalled; that is expected to be won by the incumbent Republican Mike Dunleavy. Assuming this result, Democrats will come out of the 2022 elections with two additional governorships. The party gained seats in Arizona, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Republicans picked up Nevada.

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