Updating the Battle for Congress: Both Chambers Remain Undecided

As of midday Friday, November 11, control of each chamber of Congress remains undecided. 

U.S. Senate

At this point, there has been no change, so we'll repeat what we wrote yesterday. At 49 Republicans and 48 Democrats, the battle has come down to Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. The party winning two out of three of those will control the Senate in 2023. The Georgia race is going to a December 6 runoff. Whether that will be the decisive election - as it was in 2020 - will hinge on whether the same party wins both Arizona and Nevada.

Pennsylvania is the only Senate seat that has flipped thus far. In Alaska, we know a Republican will win, but we won't know which one until November 23

U.S. House

Our results provider Decision Desk has called 405 House races. Republicans have won 210 seats, Democrats 195. 

There are four uncalled races in California where both candidates on the ballot are Democrats. That will bring the Democratic total to 199.  

To keep control, Democrats must win at least 19 of the 26 remaining races. Follow the live results below.

Alaska: This will likely be decided in the Ranked Choice tabulation on November 23.

Arizona: Redistricting made this seat more competitive by expanding it into more of Phoenix.  

California: A number of these races may not end up being all that close, but the state's drawn-out process for counting also impacts when these races can be called with certainty. 

While uncalled by Decision Desk, note that the Associated Press has called District 39 for Democrat Mark Takano. 

Colorado: One of the most highly visible contests left on the board, as polarizing GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert seeks a second term.

Maine: If no candidate gets 50%, the race will be decided via the Ranked Choice tabulation.

Nevada: While uncalled by Decision Desk, the well-connected Nevada Independent believes Democrats will hold both these seats.

New York: While uncalled by Decision Desk, The Associated Press has called District 4 for Republican Anthony D'Esposito and District 19 for Republican Marcus Molinaro.

Oregon: These are both open seats. District 6 is a new seat from redistricting, while incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader lost his primary to a more progressive candidate.

Washington: While uncalled by Decision Desk, The Associated Press has called District 8 for Democrat Kim Schrier.

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