Overview & Live Results: Primary Day in Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas; Runoff Elections in Texas

Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas hold primaries Tuesday. These are all runoff states; the top two finishers will advance to a June 21 runoff if no candidate gets a majority of the vote. Separately, Texas holding runoff elections from the March 1 primary

On this page, we'll highlight and provide results for some of the most compelling contests. Use the links below to see all results. Latest poll closing (Eastern Time) appears below the state name. If you are voting in one of these states, check with your polling place as the hours may differ.

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*Mountain Time Zone locations close at 9:00 PM Eastern

There are also two state legislative special elections and a primary for the vacancy in Minnesota's First Congressional District

State Legislative >> MN-01 Special Primary >>

While you're awaiting the results, check out our new feature that lets you view the congressional district - before and after redistricting - for any U.S. street address. 

U.S. Senate

Alabama (Republican)

The seat will almost certainly remain in Republican control, so all the action is around who the nominee will be. Sen. Richard Shelby is not seeking a 7th term. He has endorsed his former Chief of Staff, Katie Britt. The other prominent names on the ballot are Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-05) and businessman Michael Durant.

None of the three has cleared 40% in this frequently-polled race, so a June top two runoff seems likely. Donald Trump unendorsed Brooks in March, saying he had gone "woke", although the fact that the candidate was sinking in the polls likely was a contributing factor. However, Brooks has seen a resurgence in the campaign's closing weeks, leaving it very much up in the air which two candidates will advance.

Georgia (Republican)

Freshman Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who won a special election in 2020, is seeking his first full six-year term. He faces only a nominal primary challenge before moving on to what is expected to be a competitive general election. 

Entering the race with high name recognition from his days as a star running back for the University of Georgia, as well as an endorsement from Donald Trump, political newcomer Herschel Walker has run far ahead of other candidates for the Republican nomination.

Some in the party are concerned Walker will not make a good general election candidate. To that end, a pair of Republican super PACs set a plan in early April to spend millions attacking Walker in the hope of keeping him below 50%, forcing a runoff. It doesn't look like that effort will be successful; Walker had 66% support in a Fox News poll released last week.


Alabama (Republican)

Gov. Kay Ivey has drawn eight primary challengers as she seeks a second full term. Despite being solidly conservative, she is facing attacks from opponents positioning themselves even further to the right. The New York Times reported that "Ivey opened herself up to a primary challenge in part by extending a mask mandate in the spring of 2021, when many fellow G.O.P. governors were lifting them."

There's little doubt the winner of the Republican primary here will be elected in November. There's also little doubt Ivey will finish first on Tuesday. What isn't known is whether Ivey will get a majority of the vote and, if she doesn't, who will her opponent be in a June runoff?

The battle for second place appears to be between businessman Tim James, who is the son of former Gov. Fob James, and Lynda Blanchard, former Ambassador to Slovenia. In the final Real Clear Politics average, Ivey had 49%, followed by James with 18% and Blanchard at 14%.

Georgia (Republican)

Gov. Brian Kemp is seeking a second term. He has drawn a primary challenge from former Sen. David Purdue, recruited into the race and endorsed by Donald Trump.

While Purdue has the backing of the former president, not much else has gone well. Kemp is going to finish first, the only question is whether he'll clear 50% to avoid a June runoff.  In the final Real Clear Politics average, Kemp held a 55% to 35% lead.

Secretary of State

Georgia (Both)

This race has taken on a national profile. The incumbent Republican, Brad Raffensperger drew the ire of Donald Trump for declining to help him find the votes needed to overturn the state's 2020 vote for Joe Biden. Trump recruited Rep. Jody Hice (GA-10) to get his revenge.

The only recent public poll, released yesterday by Landmark Communications, showed the race a dead heat. Hice had 39% support, Raffensperger 38%. Notably, both candidates were well below the 50% needed to avoid a runoff.  

The Democratic primary is also of interest, as the general election is seen as competitive. There are five candidates vying for the nomination. State Rep. Bee Nguyen has received most of the endorsements. However, none of the candidates appear well known. In a late April SurveyUSA poll, Nguyen 'led' with 12%, with the other four ranging from 6% to 9%. A full 60% were undecided.

Attorney General

Texas Runoff (Republican)

Ken Paxton is seeking a third term. Despite his legal challenges, He finished first, with 43% of the vote, in the March 1 primary. Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the only member of his dynastic political family now holding public office, finished second with 23%. 

U.S. House

Aside from the below, there are a number of other interesting primaries and runoffs due to retirements or redistricting. Check the full state results linked at the top of this page.

Texas District 28 Runoff (Democratic)

In the March primary - a rematch from 2020 - Rep. Henry Cuellar narrowly led his more progressive challenger, Jessica Cisneros by 49% to 47%. The runoff has drawn increased attention with the leak of a Supreme Court's draft opinion in a closely-watched abortion rights case. Cuellar is the only House Democrat that opposes abortion.

Georgia District 7 (Democratic)

Home to one of the nation's most competitive races in recent cycles, redistricting has made this suburban Atlanta district safely Democratic. At the same time, neighboring District 6 was made safe for the GOP. This has led to a 'win or go home' primary between incumbent Carolyn Bourdeaux and Lucy McBath (current GA-06).

Georgia District 14 (Republican)

Controversial freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has drawn several primary opponents. The most formidable is businesswoman Jennifer Strahan. There hasn't been any recent polling here. Strahan will try and hold Taylor Greene under 50% to force a June runoff.

The nominee will be heavily favored in the general election.


  • June 7
    • California Primary
    • Iowa Primary
    • Mississippi Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on June 28
    • Montana Primary
    • New Jersey Primary
    • New Mexico Primary
    • South Dakota Primary
    • California Congressional District 22 Special Election
    • California State Assembly Districts 62 & 80 Special Election
    • Montana State Senate District 15 Special Primary
    • California Mayoral Primaries: Los Angeles, San Jose, Long Beach, Chula Vista
  • June 11
    • Alaska Congressional At-Large District Special Primary
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