Live Results: Two Saturday Elections in Texas

We're following two elections in Texas Saturday. Polls in both close at 7:00 PM Central Time (8:00 PM Eastern). Overview and live results below.

Lubbock Mayor

Lubbock is the 86th largest city in the United States,1 1City rankings are based on July 1, 2020 Census Bureau population estimates. They are for the city itself, not the associated metropolitan area. with a population of just over 257,000.  The mayor is Dan Pope, who is not seeking reelection. 

Pope won his third term - in a 2020 election delayed several months by the pandemic - by a 56% to 44% margin over Stephen Sanders. This year's election returns to the traditional date of the first Saturday in May.

Sanders is back on the ballot; he is joined by four others in this nonpartisan (NPA in the results table) election. If no candidate gets a majority, the top two finishers will meet in a  May 24 runoff.

Texas State House District 147 (Special Election)

There are 85 Republicans and 64 Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives. Saturday's election will fill the lone vacancy. Term length is two years, with the next regular elections in November. Those will be contested using redistricted boundaries

District 147 is located in Houston. Democrat Garnet Coleman resigned in February, after 30 years in office. 

Two Democrats are on the special election ballot. They are Jolanda Jones and Danielle Bess. The winner will complete Coleman's term.

As it turns out, these same two candidates also finished 1-2 in the state's March 1 primary for the regular November election. Jones was well ahead in the seven person field, receiving 42% of the vote. Bess received 20%. Since no candidate received a majority, these two will face off again in a May 24 runoff election.  


  • May 10
    • Nebraska Primary
    • West Virginia Primary
    • Newark, NJ Mayoral Election
  • May 17
    • Idaho Primary
    • Kentucky Primary
    • North Carolina Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on July 26
    • Oregon Primary
    • Pennsylvania Primary
    • Charlotte and Greensboro, NC Mayoral Primaries
    • Lexington and Louisville, KY Mayoral Primaries
    • Oregon State Senate Senate District 18 Special Primary
    • Pennsylvania State House District 5 Special Election
    • South Carolina State House District 97 Special Election
  • May 24
    • Alabama Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on July 26
    • Arkansas Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on June 21
    • Georgia Primary
      • Runoffs, where necessary, on June 21
    • Texas Primary Runoffs
    • Minnesota Congressional District 1 Special Primary
    • New York State Assembly District 58 Special Election
    • South Carolina State House District 18 Special Election
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