Live Results: New York and South Carolina Legislative Special Elections

This week we're following one special general election to fill a vacancy in the New York State Assembly. There is also a GOP primary for a State House vacancy in South Carolina.

New York State Assembly District 43

Democrats hold a large majority in the New York State Assembly. The party controls 105 seats. There are 42 Republicans, one Independence Party member and two vacancies. The District 20 vacancy will be filled by special election on April 7.

Members serve two-year terms. The next regularly scheduled elections will be in November. These will be contested using redistricted boundaries.

District 43 is located in Brooklyn. Democrat Diana Richardson resigned in early February after being appointed deputy borough president. This is a deep blue district; Richardson was reelected by an 89% to 11% margin in 2020. 

There are three candidates on the ballot. The Republican nominee is Mesidor Azor. Given the lean of the district, the main competition is likely between the other two candidates. Those are Democrat Brian Cunningham and Jelanie Deshong of the Working Families Party. Both have received endorsements from local political leaders.

Richardson, the prior incumbent, originally won office in a 2015 special election running only on the Working Families ballot line. However, there was no separate Democratic entrant in that election.

Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

South Carolina State House District 18 (Primary)

Republicans hold 79 of 124 seats in the South Carolina State House. Democrats control 43. There are two vacancies. The District 97 vacancy will be filled in a May 17 special election.

Members serve two-year terms. The next regularly scheduled elections will be in November. These will be contested using redistricted boundaries.

District 18 is located in the northwestern part of the state. Republican Tommy Stringer resigned in January, citing health considerations. He had been in the state House since 2006. Stringer was elected to his final term in 2020, winning 74% to 26%.

Several candidates are competing for the Republican nomination in Tuesday's primary. If no candidate gets a majority of the vote, a top-two runoff will be held on April 5.

As no Democrats filed to run for this seat, the ultimate winner of the Republican primary will be the only name on the ballot for the May 24 general special election. 

Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.


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