Overview and Live Results: State House Special Elections in Iowa and Tennessee

Headlining Tuesday's election calendar is the California gubernatorial recall election. There are also state house special elections in Iowa and Tennessee as well as mayoral primaries in Boston, Cleveland and Toledo. On this page are the state house special elections; use the links below to see other results.

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State House Special Elections

Iowa District 37

There are 100 State House districts in Iowa. Republicans hold a 58-40 edge over Democrats. One of the two vacancies will be filled in Tuesday's election.

The District 37 vacancy was created when Republican John Landon died on July 29. Landon was first elected in 2012, and was reelected four times.

Despite the GOP winning streak, this district, which includes suburban and rural areas north of Des Moines, is competitive. It was one of the most expensive contests in 2020, when Landon won by about 6.5% over Democrat Andrea Phillips. 

The nominees for this special election were selected by the political parties.  Phillips was renominated by the Democrats. The Republican nominee is Mike Bousselot. Both parties are again competing aggressively, with over $600,000 spent on the race thus far. 

Polls close at 9:00 PM ET.

Tennessee District 29

The 99 seat Tennessee State House is solidly in Republican control; the party holds a 73-26 edge over Democrats. 

This special election is in District 29, a largely rural district east of Chattanooga. GOP State Rep. Mike Carter died on May 15. His widow, Joan, was appointed on an interim basis to fill the seat. She did not file to run in the special election.

The nominees are Republican Greg Vital and Democrat DeAngelo Jelks. Both ran unopposed in the July 27 primary.

This is a solidly Republican district. Carter ran unopposed in the general election from 2012 through 2020, with the exception of 2018. That year, he defeated the Democratic nominee by 68% to 32%.

Polls close at 8:00 PM ET.

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