Live Results: Ohio Primaries, Maryland Special Election

On Tuesday, we'll have results from the Ohio primary and a special election in Maryland's 7th congressional district.  Ohio results are expected after 7:30 PM Eastern Time, while those in Maryland should arrive after 8:00 PM.


Ballots had to be postmarked by yesterday, but can still be dropped off today in drop boxes. Any ballots with a timely postmark received by May 8 will be counted, so it is possible that close races may not be called tonight.

President: The state postponed its primary on the eve of the scheduled March 17 date, ultimately turning it into an all-mail election, with few exceptions.  While Joe Biden is expected to win most of the state's 136 pledged delegates, Bernie Sanders - and many other withdrawn candidates - remain on the ballot. Heading into today, Biden has 1,305 of the 1,991 delegates needed to win the nomination.  On the GOP side, Donald Trump is unopposed. He has already clinched renomination.

Congress: This is not a state with many closely-contested U.S. House races. In 2018, all but two of the seats had margins of 10 points or more.  Only the GOP-held Cincinnati-area 1st District is expected to be highly competitive in November.  We'll be watching to see who will emerge as the Democratic nominee in that district. In the safely Democratic 3rd district, Rep. Joyce Beatty is being challenged from the left by activist Morgan Harper.

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The state's 7th congressional district has been vacant since the death of long-time Rep. Elijah Cummings last October.  A largely mail-in election will decide who will complete his term. Limited in-person polling places are available; these close at 8:00 PM. Kweisi Mfume emerged as the nominee from a crowded Democratic primary field and is expected to prevail in this deep blue district.

Note that today was originally to be the primary for all of Maryland; that has been postponed until June 2.  Voters in the 7th district will be asked to weigh in again on the congressional seat that day, choosing nominees for the regular two-year term that will be contested on Election Day, November 3.

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