Florida Primary Results

August 27, 2014

 The Florida nominating primaries for the 2014 election were held on August 26.   Results for races expected to be competitive in November are summarized below.

Governor:  As expected incumbent Rick Scott and former governor Charlie Crist easily dispatched their primary opponents, setting the stage for one of the most expensive election battles ever seen. Reports are that the Scott campaign (and supporters) will spend upwards of $100 million to get the governor re-elected.  Polling shows the race to be a toss-up.  

US House: All vote totals can be seen here.    Of Florida's 27 congressional districts, only three are seen as competitive this November.   Thank you, gerrymandering!

FL-02: Second term incumbent Republican Steve Southerland will face Gwen Graham in November; both ran unopposed in the primary. The district encompasses the eastern half of the Florida panhandle, including Tallahassee. The race is seen as a toss-up.

FL-18:  First term incumbent Democratic Patrick Murphy ran unopposed.  He will meet Carl Domino, who emerged victorious from a six-way primary.  This district is located in the southeastern part of the state, from south of Vero Beach to the northern part of the Palm Beach area.   Congressman Murphy is slightly favored to win re-election.

FL-26: This District, new after the 2010 Census reapportionment includes extreme South Florida, including southwestern parts of Miami area and the Florida Keys   Incumbent Democrat Joe Garcia ran unopposed and will meet Carlos Curbelo who beat four opponents in the Republican primary.

All other incumbents were renominated and are expected to prevail in November.

To see the current roster of Florida elected officials, or look up those from any address in the country, use our Who Represents Me feature.

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