Legislative Special Elections

In addition to the presidential and statewide primaries on March 19 (links to results above), there are special elections for vacant State House seats in Kentucky and Minnesota, and special primaries for State Senate in Ilinois

Kentucky State House Districts 24 and 26

Republicans dominate the Kentucky House of Representatives, holding 78 seats to 20 controlled by Democrats. The two vacancies will be filled Tuesday. Members serve two-year terms; the next regular elections are in November.

District 24 is in the central part of the state. Republican Brandon Reed resigned in January. Reed was reelected by a 76% to 24% margin in 2022.

District 26 is located just south of Louisville.. Republican Russell Webber resigned in January. He was unopposed in 2022. He will be succeeded by Republican Peyton Griffee, who is also unopposed.

Minnesota State House District 27B

Democrats hold a narrow 70-63 advantage in the  Minnesota House of Representatives. Members serve two year terms, the next regular elections are in November.

Each district is has a number followed by A or B. The A and B districts do not overlap, but taken together, they match the boundary of the State Senate district with the same number.

District 27B is east of Saint Cloud. Republican Kurt Daudt resigned in February. Daudt won by a 73% to 27% margin over Democrat Brad Brown in 2022.

Brown is back on the ballot; the Republican nominee is Bryan Lawrence.

Illinois State Senate Districts 20 and 53 (Primaries)

Democrats hold a 40-19 majority over Republicans in the Illinois State Senate. The two seats below are filled with interim appointments who will hold the office until after the November 5 general election.

District 20 is northwest of downtown Chicago. Democrat Cristina Pacione-Zayas resigned in May, 2023. Natalie Toro was appointed to the seat.

Toro has three opponents for the Democratic nomination. The winner will meet Republican Jason Proctor.

District 53 is in the east central part of the state. Republican Jason Barickman resigned in early 2023. Thomas Bennett is the appointed Senator; he is not running for a full term. 

There are four Republicans seeking the nomination. No Democrats are running.