2022 New Mexico Live Results


Election Date November 8, 2022
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Consensus Forecast
Leans Democratic

Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Graham is seeking a second term. She is opposed by Republican Mark Ronchetti, a former broadcast meteorologist. Ronchetti was previously the party's nominee in a losing U.S. Senate race in 2020. Most polling has shown the incumbent with a single digit polling lead.

U.S. House

Consensus Forecast
Leans R
Likely D

These elections will be conducted using redistricted boundaries. Democrats controlled the process, and all three districts - two currently held by Democrats - were made somewhat less partisan. The goal was to improve the likelihood of flipping District 2 back from the GOP.  The net effect for this year is that all three districts are on the competitive radar, although the most likely outcome is that the three incumbents get reelected.

State House

CNalysis Forecast
Safe Democratic

Democrats hold a 45-24 margin over Republicans in the New Mexico House of Representatives. There is one independent. Members serve two-year terms.

The CNalysis model gives Democrats an 82% chance of maintaining control, while Republicans have a 12% chance of winning the chamber. There is a 6% likelihood of a split.

Note that the next State Senate elections are in 2024.

U.S. Senate

No 2022 election