2022 New Hampshire Live Results


Election Date November 8, 2022
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Polls Close 8:00 PM Eastern Time
Many locations close at 7:00 PM
On this Page Results for U.S. Senate, Governor, U.S. House, State Legislature

U.S. Senate

Consensus Forecast
Leans Democratic

Army Special Forces veteran Don Bolduc (R) has been closing the gap with Sen. Maggie Hassan (D) as she seeks a second term. Hassan remains a slight favorite for reelection.


Consensus Forecast
Safe Republican

New Hampshire is one of only two states - neighboring Vermont the other - where the gubernatorial term is two years instead of four. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu is expected to win a fourth term.

U.S. House

Consensus Forecast
Leans D
Likely D

These elections will take place using redistricted boundaries, although the changes from the map in use over the last decade were minimal. 

Democrats hold both seats. In District 1, Chris Pappas is seeking a 3rd term, while in District 2, Ann Kuster is looking to win her 6th. Both seats are competitive, although Republicans have a somewhat better chance at flipping District 1.

State Senate

CNalysis Forecast
Safe Republican

Republicans hold a 13-10 edge over Democrats in the New Hampshire Senate. There is one vacancy. Members serve two-year terms.

State House

CNalysis Forecast
Leans Democratic

With 400 members - at full strength - the New Hampshire House of Representatives is the largest state legislative body in the country. Republicans are in control with a 202-178 edge over Democrats. There is also one independent. 19 seats are currently vacant. Members serve two-year terms.