2022 Iowa Live Results


Election Date November 8, 2022
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U.S. Senate

Consensus Forecast
Likely Republican

Republican Chuck Grassley is seeking an 8th term. He's been favored to win, although a mid-October poll from highly-regarded Selzer & Co. raised eyebrows with only a three point lead over Democrat Michael Franken. However, the firm's pre-election poll had Grassley up by 12%, in line with other surveys.


Consensus Forecast
Safe Republican

Republican Kim Reynolds is favored to win a second full term.

U.S. House

Consensus Forecast
Safe R
Likely R
Leans R

These elections will be conducted using redistricted boundaries. District 4 remains safe for the GOP; the other three seats offer varying levels of competitiveness. The incumbent most at risk is Democrat Cindy Axne in District 3.

State Senate

CNalysis Forecast
Safe Republican

Republicans hold a large 32-18 majority over Democrats in the Iowa State Senate. Members serve four-year staggered terms, although some seats on the ballot this year are for two years, due to redistricting.

State House

CNalysis Forecast
Safe Republican

Republicans hold a 60-40 edge over Democrats in the Iowa House of Representatives. Members serve two-year terms.