2022 Alaska Primary Live Results


Election Date August 16, 2022
Where to Vote Find your Polling Place and Hours
Polls Close 12:00 AM Eastern Time
Except August 17, 1:00 AM for those areas observing Hawaiian-Aleutian Time
On this Page Primary results for U.S. Senate, Governor, U.S. House, State Legislature

The top four finishers in each election will advance to the general election, which will be conducted using ranked choice voting.

U.S. Senate

One of seven GOP Senators who voted to convict Trump in January, 2021, Lisa Murkowski is seeking a fourth term. The former president, looking to defeat her, endorsed Republican Kelly Tshibaka late last year. She is the former commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration.

Murkowski and Tshibaka are both expected to advance to the general election, but the primary will be an early test of their individual support. Two other candidates from the very large field will also move on.


Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy is seeking a second term. He has nine challengers on the primary ballot, including his predecessor, independent Bill Walker. Both are expected to advance, along with Democratic former State Rep. Les Gara. It is unclear who will take the fourth and final spot.

U.S. House

Alaska is one of six states with a single at-large district. Tuesday's primary is being held concurrently with a special general election, being held to fill the seat of the late Republican Don Young.

All three special election candidates are on the ballot and seem likely to advance. This includes Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich III, as well as Democrat Mary Peltola. The fourth spot will probably go to Republican Tara Sweeney, who finished fifth in the special primary in June. (Sweeney's supporters attempted to get her added to the special general election ballot after Al Gross withdrew, but were unsuccessful.)

State Senate

Republicans hold a 13-7 edge over Democrats in the Alaska State Senate

State House

Republicans have 21 seats in the Alaska House of Representatives. There are 15 Democrats, 3 independents, and one nonpartisan. The chamber is organized/controlled via the Alaska House Coalition, comprised of all 15 Democrats along with several Republicans and independents.