2020 Massachusetts House Election Interactive Map

All US House seats to be contested in 2020

Massachusetts has nine congressional districts, all of which are held by Democrats. None are seen as competitive in 2020. It is the state with both the largest number of districts under single party control and is tied with Tennessee as states with the most districts where not a single one is competitive.

Redistricting will occur in 2021 after the 2020 Census. While Massachusetts is expected to maintain its 9 congressional districts, expect some changes to the district boundaries that will be effective with the 2022 election.

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District Incumbent Party Since Term Predictions Margin of Victory
Pro Map House(a) President(b)
MA-1 Richard Neal
1989 16th
97.6% 20.7%
Incumbent is unopposed
MA-2 James McGovern
1997 12th
34.3% 19.4%
James P McGovern*
Tracy Lovvorn
MA-3 Lori Trahan
2019 1st
28.5% 22.8%
Incumbent is unopposed
MA-4 Joseph Kennedy III
2013 4th
Incumbent not running for re-election in 2020.
Jacob Auchincloss
Julie Hall
MA-5 Katherine Clark
2013 4th
51.8% 43.6%
Katherine Clark*
Caroline Colarusso
MA-6 Seth Moulton
2015 3rd
33.8% 17.9%
Seth Moulton*
John Moran
MA-7 Ayanna Pressley
2019 1st