2020 Idaho Democratic Primary

Date: March 10, 2020
Delegates: 25 (20 pledged, 5 automatic)
Allocation: Proportional
Threshold: 15% (minimum vote to win delegates)
Notes: Some delegates allocated statewide and some by Congressional District. The state primary for offices other than president is May 19. It is now a mail-in primary, with ballots to be counted if received by June 2.

Information is estimated and subject to change. Delegate allocation rules can be very complex; this overview may not capture some details. For those interested in the finer points, we suggest Greenpapers or FHQ.

Estimated Delegates Earned



Interactive Delegate Calculator: Track total delegates earned and projections; create your own forecast.


Source Date Sample Biden Sanders Gabbard Other
Poll Averages† 51.5% 42.0% 2.0% -
Swayable 3/10/2020 833 RV ±7% 52% 37% 2% 9%
Data for Progress 3/09/2020 329 LV ±5.4% 51% 47% 2% 0%

†The average includes the most recent poll from each source within the past 30 days, up to a maximum of five. If five polls are found, and there are other qualifying polls on that same calendar date, those will also be included.