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1872 Presidential Election Interactive Map

177 electoral votes to win
no 1872 election
no 1872 election
Grant Various*** Undecided 3P

Split Votes

R D Other Total
GA /11

1872 Actual Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes Popular Votes
Ulysses S. Grant (I) Republican 286 3,597,132
Thomas A. Hendricks Democratic 42 ***
B. Gratz Brown Democratic 18 ***
Charles J. Jenkins Democratic 2 ***
David Davis Democratic 1 ***
Horace Greeley Democratic 0 2,834,125

1872 Election Facts

  • The entire electoral vote of Louisiana (8) and Arkansas (6) was rejected by Congress due to issues related to Reconstruction. Both states had voted for Grant.
  • *** Democratic nominee Horace Greeley died after the election, but before vote of Electors; most of whom chose other Democrats. The map displays all those electoral votes as if won by a single Democrat.
  • Three electoral votes from Georgia that were cast for the deceased Greeley were rejected by Congress.
  • Issues of the Day: Corruption in Federal Government