1824 Presidential Election Interactive Map

131 electoral votes to win
Jackson (D-R)
Adams (D-R)
Crawford (D-R)
Clay (D-R)
Undecided 0
1824 Actual

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D-R D-R D-R D-R Total
DE(3) 3
IL(3) 3
LA(5) 5
MD(11) 11
NY(36) 36
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1824 Election Facts
  • Delaware moves from 4 back to 3 votes; and has maintained that number to this day
  • No candidate received a majority of Electors, Adams elected by vote of House of Representatives
  • 1st election where popular vote retained for history; eventual winner Adams received only about 32%
  • Adams is the son of 2nd President, John Adams
  • Delaware electors split their vote: 2 for Crawford, 1 for Adams
  • Illinois: A district-based system was used, similar to ME/NE today. Although Adams won more votes statewide, Jackson won 2 districts, Adams 1.
  • Louisiana electors split their vote: 3 for Jackson, 2 for Adams
  • Maryland: A district-based system was used, similar to ME/NE today. Districts 3 and 4 voters each chose two electors. In all, Jackson won 7 electoral votes, Adams 3, Crawford 1.
  • New York electors split their vote: 26 for Adams, 5 for Crawford, 4 for Clay, 1 for Jackson
  • Issues of the Day: Monroe Doctrine
  • Only presidential election where the person receiving the most electoral votes did not win; also only election (since passage of 12th Amendment) where electon decided by House of Representatives.
1824 Actual
Andrew Jackson (D-R)
    Electoral 99
    Popular 153,544
John Quincy Adams (D-R)
    Electoral 84
    Popular 108,740
William H. Crawford (D-R)
    Electoral 41
    Popular 40,856
Henry Clay (D-R)
    Electoral 37
    Popular 47,531
(D-R) Democratic-Republican

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