1812 Presidential Election

1812 Election Results
  Candidate Party Electoral Votes 
  James Madison (I) Democratic-Republican 128  
  De Witt Clinton Federalist 89  
The United States presidential election of 1812 took place in the shadow of the War of 1812. It featured an intriguing competition between incumbent Democratic-Republican President James Madison and a dissident Democratic-Republican, DeWitt Clinton, nephew of Madison's late Vice President. The Federalist opposition threw their support behind Clinton. Nonetheless, Madison was re-elected handily.
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1812 Election Facts
  • Welcome: Louisiana becomes a state during this election cycle
  • New York replaces Virginia with most electoral votes; will hold #1 spot until 1972
  • Maryland: A district-based system was used, similar to ME/NE today. Districts 3 and 4 voters each chose two electors. In all, Madison won 6 electors, Clinton 5.
  • Issues of the Day: War of 1812

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