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1800 Presidential Election Interactive Map

70 electoral votes to win
no 1800 election
no 1800 election
Burr Pinckney Undecided 3P

Split Votes

D-R F Total
MD /10
NC /12
PA /15

1800 Actual Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican 73
Aaron Burr Democratic-Republican 73
John Adams (I) Federalist 65
Charles C. Pinckney Federalist 64

1800 Election Facts

  • During this election, Electors had 2 votes each for President, and all but one voted for both candidates in their party. Therefore, the map shown is broken out by party, as opposed to candidate
  • No candidate received a majority of electors, Jefferson elected by vote of House of Representatives
  • Controversy over electoral tie vote (between Jefferson and Aaron Burr) led to passage of 12th Amendment
  • One Elector in Rhode Island cast one of his votes for John Jay
  • Maryland electors split their vote, with 5 each for the Federalist and D-R candidates
  • North Carolina electors split their vote, with 8 votes for the D-R and 4 for the Federalist candidates
  • Pennsylvania electors split their vote, with 8 votes for the D-R and 7 for the Federalist candidates
  • Issues of the Day: Alien & Sedition Acts, XYZ Affair, Relations with France
  • Federal Capital moved from Philadelphia to Washington, DC in 1800