1796 Presidential Election Interactive Map

70 electoral votes to win
Adams (F)
Jefferson (D-R)
Undecided 0
1796 Actual

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F D-R Total
MD(11) 11
NC(12) 12
PA(15) 15
VA(21) 21
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Party Display Name Active
1796 Election Facts
  • The map above shows the results of the main Federalist candidate (Adams) and the main D-R candidate (Jefferson). Electors had 2 votes each for President, and most voted for both candidates in their party
  • Under the rules of the day, since Jefferson had 2nd most Electors, he was named Vice-President, despite being a different party than Adams
  • Democratic-Republicans won North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, but one Elector in each state cast a vote for Federalist Adams
  • Maryland electors split their vote, with 7 electors for Adams and 4 for Jefferson
  • Welcome: Tennessee becomes a state during this election cycle
  • Issues of the Day: Whiskey Rebellion, Jay's Treaty
1796 Actual
John Adams (F)
    Electoral 71
    Popular Unknown
Thomas Jefferson (D-R)
    Electoral 68
    Popular Unknown
(F) Federalist
(D-R) Democratic-Republican

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