1792 Presidential Election Interactive Map

67 electoral votes to win

Change history with the 1792 presidential election interactive map.

Update a state winner by clicking it to rotate through candidates. Alternately, select a candidate color in the Map Color Palette, then select states to apply. Use the edit button in the Palette to update candidate information.

Split electoral vote states - if any - are not interactive. Use the table below the map to make changes.

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no 1792 election
no 1792 election

Split Electoral Votes

States shown here did not allocate all their available electoral votes to one candidate. The historical split can be edited in this table. You can also use the drop down menu to split other states.

Removing the split () will set the state to undecided and make it interactive on the map.

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1792 Actual Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes
George Washington (I) Federalist 132
John Adams Federalist 77
George Clinton Anti-Federalist 50
Others Anti-Federalist 5

1792 Election Facts

  • Prior to 1804, each Elector cast two votes for President, effectively doubling the votes cast
  • Each Elector selected Washington with one of his votes, effectively making him unanimous choice for President. That is reflected on the map above. By coming in 2nd, John Adams was named Vice-President
  • Virginia's 21 Electoral Votes represents 15.9% of total. This is the greatest concentration for one state in history of the U.S.
  • Welcome: Kentucky & Vermont become states during this election cycle
  • Issues of the Day: Militia Act of 1792