Sanders vs. The Republicans: 2016 Electoral Maps

As of May 7, the table on this page is no longer being updated. Go directly to the current polling maps:

Clinton vs. Trump     Sanders vs. Trump



This table will track how each of the remaining prospective Republican nominees is faring against Bernie Sanders based on 2016 polls. Click on the match-up to view the corresponding 2016 electoral map. From there, you can link to all the 2016 polls or view an interactive version of each map that allocates the unpolled states based on results from the 2012 election. Those projections are also shown in the table below, in the Polled + 2012 column and ordered Sanders-Republican-Toss Up. 

This far out, polling in most states is limited (or outdated) and may not hold much predictive value. 

We also have Clinton vs. Republicans electoral maps.  

 Bernie Sanders vs.

Sanders GOP Toss Up Unpolled Polled + 2012
 Donald Trump  251 30 77 180 302-159-77

As of May 7, 2016