About Us

270toWin is a nonpartisan site for people passionate about politics. We aggregate polls and professional election projections, complementing that with relevant news and original content. Visitors to the site use this information to create and share their own election forecasts via our engaging interactive mapping tools.

The site went live in August, 2004, just ahead of that year’s presidential election. This was on the heels of the 2000 election, the first in living memory where the nationwide popular vote winner did not become president. The site launched with an electoral map and the tagline “This isn’t a popularity contest”, which we continue to use today.

270toWin is independent, not financed or owned by any political party, industry group or lobbyist. Advertising on the site, including any ads around political campaigns or issues, is programmatic* in nature. Beyond specifying where ads appear in our site’s layout, we have no involvement in this process.

* Most websites use this approach. When a web page is requested, there is essentially an instantaneous auction for each advertising slot available on the page. The winner for a particular slot will have its ad displayed.