2024 Utah Primary Live Results


Election Date June 25, 2024
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Polls Close 10:00 PM Eastern Time
On this Page Primary results for President*, U.S. Senate, Governor, Atty. General, U.S. House, State Legislature

* Presidential contests were held March 5. The Democratic primary was state-run, while Republicans held a caucus.


U.S. Senate

Sen. Mitt Romney is not seeking reelection. 

Four candidates are seeking the GOP nomination. All have raised seven-figure sums. The two frontrunners are Rep. John Curtis (UT-03) and Trent Staggs, mayor of the Salt Lake City suburb of Riverton.

Curtis is seen as the more mainstream/establishment candidate. Staggs has the endorsement of Donald Trump and many of those aligned with him. 

Also on the ballot are former Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson and businessman Jason Walton. These candidates also have appeal to the Trump wing of the party, creating a three-way split for that vote, which will likely benefit Curtis.

That can be seen in two recent public polls of the race. Curtis leads, with a total slightly greater than the combined total of the other three candidates.


Republican Gov. Spencer Cox is seeking a second term. He has drawn a primary challenge from state Rep. Phil Lyman. The winner will be favored against the Democratic nominee, state Rep. Brian King.

Attorney General

Republican Sean Reyes is not seeking reelection. He is the third consecutive attorney general to leave office tarnished by scandal.

Three candidates are competing for the GOP nomination, with the winner likely to be a heavy favorite in the November election.


U.S. House

Two Republican primaries are of particular interest.

District Primary Comments
2 R Freshman Rep. Celeste Maloy won a special election here in 2023. She supported legislation that Sen. Mike Lee opposed, with Lee subsequently endorsing her opponent, businessman Colby Jenkins. Maloy gained the endorsement of Donald Trump last week, putting her in a better position to turn back the challenge.
3 R Rep. John Curtis is running for U.S. Senate. Five candidates are on the ballot to succeed him in this safely Republican district. 

Consolidated U.S. House Races

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State Senate

State House