2024 Montana Primary Live Results


Election Date June 4, 2024
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U.S. Senate

These primaries aren't expected to offer up much suspense, but this will be one of the most closely-contested Senate races in November. Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is seeking a fourth term in a state likely to vote for Donald Trump by double-digits in the presidential race.

Each of Tester's three general election victories has been decided by a margin of less than 4%. Most recently, in 2018, he defeated Republican Matt Rosendale, now the outgoing representative of the state's 2nd congressional district.

Rosendale announced another Senate bid in early February, but withdrew less than a week later after Donald Trump endorsed the party's preferred candidate, Tim Sheehy. 


Of Tuesday's primary states, only Montana has a gubernatorial election this year. Republican Greg Gianforte is seeking a second term. He has drawn a challenge from State Rep. Tanner Smith, although he is likely to be renominated. 

Ryan Busse is favored over Jim Hunt for the Democratic nomination.

Attorney General

Republican Austin Knudsen is favored to win reelection. While he has a primary challenger, this was arranged by the incumbent to allow for more legal contributions under Montana campaign finance rules.

A person can contribute $790 per election to a candidate for most statewide offices. However, an election is defined as one that is contested (i.e., two or more candidates). With a primary opponent, Knudsen can collect $790 from an individual twice (primary and general elections). 

Secretary of State

Republican Christi Jacobsen is seeking a second term. Her opponent will be newspaper publisher Jesse Mullen. Jacobsen will be favored in November.

U.S. House

The one primary of note is in the state's safely Republican 2nd congressional district. After dropping a short-lived U.S. Senate bid, incumbent Rep. Matt Rosendale filed for reelection here. That didn't last very long, either. 

Nine candidates are on the ballot to succeed Rosendale. The leading fundraisers are State Auditor Troy Downing and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elise Arntzen. Also on the ballot is Danny Rehberg, who was the state's at-large U.S. Representative from 2001 through 2012. 

Trump endorsed Downing on the eve of the primary.

Consolidated U.S. House Races

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State Senate

State House