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Election Date March 5, 2024
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California holds all-party primaries, where the top two finishers, regardless of party, advance to the general election. This does not apply to the presidential primaries.

While in-person voting is available, all California active registered voters are sent a vote-by-mail ballot. If voting by mail, ballot must be postmarked on or before March 5 and received by March 12.


U.S. Senate

The campaign for this seat began a year ago, even before Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) formally announced in February, 2023 that she would not seek reelection.

Feinstein died in September, with Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) appointing Laphonza Butler to the seat. Butler chose not to seek a full term.

There are over 25 candidates on the ballot, but only four appear to have a chance of securing one of the top two spots. U.S. House Democrats Adam Schiff (CA-30), Katie Porter (CA-47), and Barbara Lee (CA-12), entered the race early. Most polls through October had them in that same order in terms of support, with Schiff and Porter seemingly best positioned to advance.

However, former baseball star Steve Garvey, a Republican, joined the race in October. Although he hasn't campaigned much, Garvey has steadily gained in the polls. For some of that, he can thank Schiff, who has spent $10 million on ads saying Garvey is "too conservative for California". 

This effort to elevate Garvey at the expense of Katie Porter appears to be working. Garvey moved into second place in the last several polls released before the election. He actually narrowly led Schiff in one of them

While Republicans may be able to get Garvey through to November, he will have virtually no chance to win a statewide general election in this deep blue state. If he can eliminate Porter in the primary, Schiff will be a heavy favorite to be the state's next U.S. Senator.

U.S. House

The table below includes 15 contests that are most of interest, with results of each immediately below. In addition to seeing how the storylines play out, the aggregate party vote split in each of these primaries is worth watching as a potential leading indicator of the November elections.

District Comments
3 Kevin Kiley (R) seeking a second term. He and Jessica Morse (D) should receive most of the vote. District leans Republican, but margin might be instructive on how competitive November will be.
9 Josh Harder (D) seeking a fourth term. He's favored for reelection, but will be interesting to see the aggregate vote share of the three Republicans, including Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln, who is likely to take the second general election spot.
12 Open seat as Barbara Lee (D) running for Senate. Democrats are likely to take both general election spots.
13 Highly competitive district in the San Joaquin Valley. Freshman John Duarte (R) won in 2022 by less than 0.5% over Adam Gray. They are the only two on the ballot, guaranteeing a rematch. Watching the vote share here.
16 Open seat as Anna Eshoo (D) retiring. Primary appears competitive, with two Democrats expected to advance. 
20 Vacant seat after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) resigned at the end of last year. His handpicked successor, Vince Fong (R) is likely to advance. Unclear if second spot will go to a Republican or Democrat, but the seat is seen as safely Republican in November. Note that the vacancy will be filled via a separate special election. That begins with a primary, involving many of the same candidates, on March 19.
22 David Valadao (R) defeated Rudy Salas (D) by a 3% margin in 2022. Both are on the primary ballot, along with one other candidate from each party. The Democratic primary has been so fiercely contested that there is some concern that a split vote will allow both Republicans to advance.
27 Republican Mike Garcia is seeking a second full term. He won a special election in 2020, and then reelected later that year and in 2022. All three times, he defeated Democrat Christy Smith. Democrats have a wealthy new candidate, George Whitesides. Cook Political says the general election could be the most expensive House race in the country. 
29 Rep. Tony Cárdenas is retiring. He has endorsed fellow Democrat Luz Rivas, one of three candidates on the ballot.
30 Rep. Adam Schiff is running for U.S. Senate. The ballot is crowded with 12 Democrats looking to succeed him in this deep blue district. Given that and only two Republicans on the ballot, not impossible that GOP takes one of the general election slots. 
31 Rep. Grace Napolitano (D) is retiring. One of the two general election spots is expected to go to former Rep. Gil Cisneros (D). There are nine other candidates on the ballot for this safely Democratic seat.
41 Republican Ken Calvert is seeking a 17th term. He was reelected in 2022 by about 5% over Democrat Will Rollins. The two will have a rematch in November, so will be interesting to see the vote share.
45 Republican Michelle Steel is seeking a third term in this competitive Orange County district. She was reelected by 5% in 2022. Four Democrats are competing to challenge Steel in November.
47 Democrat Katie Porter is running for U.S. Senate. Republican Scott Baugh, who lost to Porter by three points in 2022, is expected to advance. The other spot will likely go to one of two Democrats, State Sen. Dave Min or Joanna Weiss. Their battle has become increasingly nasty.
49 Democrat Mike Levin is seeking a 4th term. Four Republicans are also on the ballot, looking to challenge him in November.  

Consolidated U.S. House Races

The following table includes all congressional primaries; select 'Change Race' to choose a district.

No Republicans are competing in District 37.

State Senate

State House


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