2022 Utah Primary Live Results


Election Date June 28, 2022
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Polls Close 10:00 PM Eastern Time
On this Page Primary results for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Legislature

U.S. Senate

Senator Mike Lee is seeking a third term. He has two challengers in the primary, former State Rep. Becky Edwards and businesswoman Ally Isom. Lee should win renomination, but his performance may provide some early hints about the general election.

Democrats are not nominating a candidate, and have instead endorsed Evan McMullin, who is running as an independent. Opposed to Donald Trump, McMullin ran for president as an independent in 2016. While he only received about 0.5% support nationally, he won 21.5% of the vote in Utah. 

In the most recent public poll, Lee only led McMullin 41% to 35%, although an internal Lee poll released around the same time found the Senator up by 19%. For those interested, we've updated the 2022 Senate Interactive Map with the ability to model a McMullin win; he has said he will not caucus with either party should he be elected. 

U.S. House

These elections will take place under redistricted boundaries. All are safe for Republicans in the general election. 

The Democratic nominees have already been chosen, either at party convention or by virtue of only one candidate filing. As a result, there are no party primaries.

All four Republican incumbents have one or more challengers on the ballot. The most credible challenges are in Districts 1 and 3, although a recent poll suggests both incumbents are highly likely to be renominated.  

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State Senate

Republicans hold a dominant 23-6 majority over Democrats in the Utah State Senate. Members serve four-year staggered terms; half the seats are on the ballot this year.

State House

Republicans hold a large 58-17 margin over Democrats in the Utah House of Representatives. Members serve two-year terms. 

There are no Democratic primaries; nominees have been determined in districts where the party is competing.