2022 Kentucky Live Results


Election Date November 8, 2022
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Polls Close 6:00 PM Eastern Time, except 7:00 PM Eastern for areas observing Central Time
On this Page Results for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Legislature

U.S. Senate

Consensus Forecast
Safe Republican

Republican Sen. Rand Paul is favored to win a third term. 

U.S. House

Consensus Forecast
Safe R
Safe D

These elections will be conducted using redistricted boundaries, although there was little change from the map in place over the past decade. None of the races are seen as competitive.

John Yarmuth, The lone Democrat in the state's delegation, is retiring. District 5 incumbent Hal Rogers is expected to win his 22nd term. He became the Dean of the House when Alaska's Don Young died this past March.

State Senate

CNalysis Forecast
Safe Republican

Republicans hold a large 29-8 edge over Democrats in the Kentucky State Senate. There is one vacancy. Members serve four-year staggered terms; the evenly-numbered districts are up for election this year.

State House

CNalysis Forecast
Safe Republican

Republicans hold 75 of 100 seats in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Members serve two-year terms.


Next election is in 2023