2022 Illinois Primary Live Results


Election Date June 28, 2022
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U.S. Senate

Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth is seeking a 2nd term; she is unopposed for renomination and will be a heavy favorite to win in November.

Eight candidates are competing for the Republican nomination. 


Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker is expected to be renominated for a second term. There are six candidates on the Republican ballot. Earlier in the race, the frontrunner was Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin. However, he has been overtaken by Darren Bailey; recent polling gives Bailey a double-digit lead heading into the primary.

Bailey, a far right State Senator, has benefited from significant Democratic efforts attacking the more moderate - and perhaps more electable - Irvin. Bailey was also endorsed this past weekend by Donald Trump. 


U.S. House

The state is losing a congressional district, with the new map leading to two member vs. member primaries. As a result, one incumbent from each party will be ousted.

District Party Comments
1 D 15-term incumbent Bobby Rush is retiring from this safely Democratic Chicago-area district. 17 candidates are on the primary ballot to succeed him.
3 D Newly drawn in redistricting to have a Hispanic plurality, this Chicago-area district has no incumbent. Four candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination; the winner will be a heavy favorite in November.
6 D Redistricting changes have led to this member vs. member primary between Democrats Marie Newman (current IL-03) and Sean Casten (IL-06). In terms of ideology, Newman is the more progressive of the two. 
7 D Incumbent Danny Davis is seeking his 14th term in this safely Democratic Chicago-area district. With Rush retiring, he will become the dean of the Illinois U.S. House delegation in January, assuming he wins Tuesday's primary. He has drawn a challenge from activist Kina Collins, whose campaign has drawn national attention.
13 BOTH This oddly-shaped (i.e., gerrymandered) district includes the capital, Springfield. It is surrounded on all sides by the much more Republican District 15, and was carved out to be more favorable to Democrats. As such, the current incumbent, Rodney Davis (R) is running in District 15. Four Republicans and Two Democrats are vying for their party's nomination. 
15 R As in District 6, redistricting has led to two incumbents facing off. In this case it is Republicans Mary Miller and Rodney Davis. Miller was the recipient of a late endorsement from Donald Trump. The winner will be a strong favorite in November.
17 BOTH Incumbent Democrat Cheri Bustos, who narrowly won a 5th term in 2020, is retiring. The open seat may prove to be the state's most competitive in the general election. Six Democrats and Two Republicans are on the primary ballots.

Immediately below are individual results for each primary discussed above. Below that are party-specific tables including results for all primaries being held across the state's 17 districts. Change the active district by making a selection in the drop-down menu. 

State Senate

Democrats hold a large 40-18 majority over Republicans in the Illinois State Senate. There is one vacancy. All 59 seats are on the ballot this year. Per Ballotpedia, "Senators are divided into three groups, with each group having a two-year term at a different part of the decade between censuses, with the remainder of the decade taken up by two four-year terms. In the election immediately following a census, all 59 Senate districts hold elections, starting a new 2-4-4 cycle."

State House

Democrats hold a 73-45 margin over Republicans in the Illinois House of Representatives. Members serve two-year terms.