2022 Delaware Primary Live Results


Election Date September 13, 2022
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Polls Close 8:00 PM Eastern Time
On this Page Primary results for U.S. House and State Legislature

U.S. House

Delaware is one of six states with a single at-large district. Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester is seeking a fourth term; she is unopposed for renomination. Also unopposed is the Republican, Lee Murphy. After losing the GOP primary in 2018, Murphy gained the nomination in 2020, losing to Rochester by 58% to 40%.

State Senate

Democrats hold a 14-7 edge over Republicans in the Delaware State Senate. There are only three contested primaries this year: two Democratic and one Republican.

State House

Democrats hold a large 26-15 advantage over Republicans in the Delaware House of Representatives. Members serve two-year terms.

U.S. Senate

No 2022 election.


No 2022 election.