2020 Maryland House Election Interactive Map

All US House seats to be contested in 2020

Maryland has eight congressional districts: six are held by Democrats, one by the GOP and one vacancy. The Republican-held district encompasses the entire Eastern Shore and is the largest one, by land area, in the state.

The vacant seat, previously held by the late Elijah Cummings, will be filled in a special election on April 28. The seat will almost certainly stay in Democratic hands; no competitive U.S. House races are expected here in November, 2020.

Redistricting will occur in 2021 after the 2020 Census. While Maryland is expected to maintain its 8 congressional districts, expect some changes to the district boundaries that will be effective with the 2022 election.

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District Incumbent Party Since Term Predictions Margin of Victory
Pro Map House(a) President(b)
MD-1 Andrew Harris
2011 5th
21.8% 28.6%
Mia Mason
Andrew Harris*
MD-2 C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger
2003 9th
35.3% 24.4%
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger*
Johnny Salling
MD-3 John Sarbanes
2007 7th
40.8% 30.5%
John Sarbanes*
Charles Anthony
MD-4 Anthony Brown
2017 2nd
58.2% 57.5%
Anthony Brown*
George McDermott
MD-5 Steny Hoyer
1981 20th
43.2% 32.0%
Steny Hoyer*
Chris Palombi
MD-6 David Trone
2019 1st
21.0% 15.1%
David Trone*
Neil Parrott
MD-7 Kweisi Mfume
2020 1st
55.1% 55.6%
Kweisi Mfume*
Kimberly Klacik
MD-8 Jamie Raskin
2017 2nd
37.9% 34.4%
Jamie Raskin*
Gregory Coll

(a)Source: Daily Kos, 270toWin research. The margin is the percentage difference between the top two vote-getters in 2018.
More recent results (i.e., special elections held in 2019-20 for vacancies) are not displayed.
† Race was uncontested | ^Top two vote-getters were from the same party

(b)Source: Daily Kos. The margin is the percentage difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.