1932 Presidential Election

1932 Election Results
  Candidate Party Electoral Votes Popular Votes
  Franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic 472 22,821,857
  Herbert C. Hoover (I) Republican 59 15,761,841
The United States presidential election of 1932 took place as the effects of the 1929 Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression were being felt intensely across the country. President Herbert Hoover's popularity was falling as voters felt he was unable to reverse the economic collapse, or deal with prohibition. Franklin D. Roosevelt used what he called Hoover's failure to deal with these problems as a platform for his own election, promising reform in his policy called the New Deal. Roosevelt won by a landslide, and this "critical election" marked the collapse of the Fourth Party System or Progressive Era. The voters soon were realigned into the Fifth Party System, dominated by Roosevelt's New Deal Coalition.
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1932 Election Facts
  • Roosevelt is a distant cousin of 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt
  • Issues of the Day: Great Depression, Prohibition

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