1924 Presidential Election

The United States presidential election of 1924 was won by incumbent President Calvin Coolidge, the Republican candidate. Coolidge became president in 1923 following the death of then-incumbent president, Warren G. Harding. Coolidge was given credit for a booming economy at home and no visible crises abroad. He was aided by a split within the Democratic Party. The regular Democratic candidate was John W. Davis, a little-known former congressman and diplomat from West Virginia. Since Davis was a conservative, many liberal Democrats bolted the party and backed the third-party campaign of Wisconsin Senator Robert M. LaFollette, Sr., who ran as the candidate of the Progressive Party. This was the first presidential election in which all American Indians were citizens and thus allowed to vote. Coolidge's 25.2-point victory margin in the popular vote is one of the largest ever.

Source: Wikipedia

1924 Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes Popular Votes
Calvin Coolidge (I) Republican 382 15,725,016
John W. Davis Democratic 136 8,386,503
Robert M. LaFollette Progressive 13 4,822,856

1924 Election Facts

  • Third party candidate Robert M. LaFollette won his home state of Wisconsin
  • Issues of the Day: Good Economy, Corruption (Teapot Dome Scandal)
  • No Electoral Vote realignment took place after the 1920 Census as Congress failed to pass a reapportionment act