1812 Presidential Election

The United States presidential election of 1812 took place in the shadow of the War of 1812. It featured an intriguing competition between incumbent Democratic-Republican President James Madison and a dissident Democratic-Republican, DeWitt Clinton, nephew of Madison's late Vice President. The Federalist opposition threw their support behind Clinton. Nonetheless, Madison was re-elected handily.

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1812 Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes
James Madison (I) Democratic-Republican 128
De Witt Clinton Federalist 89
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1812 Election Facts

  • Welcome: Louisiana becomes a state during this election cycle
  • New York replaces Virginia with most electoral votes; will hold #1 spot until 1972
  • Maryland: A district-based system was used, similar to ME/NE today. Districts 3 and 4 voters each chose two electors. In all, Madison won 6 electors, Clinton 5.
  • Issues of the Day: War of 1812
  • One available electoral vote from Ohio was not cast